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Modern material offers high quality industrial castors that can serve the purpose of the industries. Being a part of this market for over years now, we can fathom the need for strong materials and hence the industrial casters are manufacturers making use of the premium raw components. These are the heavy duty industrial castors being designed to absorb the heavy duty work.

Some of the most common places or industries where the industrial casters are heavily in demand includes cart transport, heavy duty dumpsters, aircraft and assembly line carts. Modern Material bear in mind the need for high quality industrial casters and hence each and every product available here are the best in their purpose and making.

  • We offer range of options for the heavy duty industrial casters
  • The industrial casters comes in standard finish
  • We make use of high-quality raw materials that gives strength
  • The heavy duty industrial casters can take upto 350lbs
  • Included with steel wheel covers to prevent water, dust and other materials

Modern Material has a huge assortment of top quality industrial casters that is able to take the heavy duty. We are open to customize our products as per your requirements so that our products are able to surpass your requirements. We pay attention to precision and quality for the best quality offerings.


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